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Anti-Parasite Zapper

This is a very unique unit and is a spin-off from the EMEM2 unit which incorporated a long rare gas light tube . This unit provides a direct contact AC voltage/current (at a maximum of 12mA) to kill parasites with the generic anti-parasite frequencies of 1552 and 800 hertz. The output voltage comes from an automotive ignition coil (normally not supplied).  (Click here to read more, including the history of this device.)

When using the device the output voltage is adjustable with a rotary knob so that you can select the the desired degree of discomfort/effectiveness. A good tingle is necessary to kill internal parasites anywhere in your body because the electrical current is a critical part of the output that kills the parasites. If you are scared of electricity then don't buy this and go to a doctor for his anti-parasite prescription.

This unit is powered by a 110 volt AC adaptor. Whether the frequency in your country is 50 or 60 hertz does not matter. If you are in a country with 220 volts then you can buy a 220v to 120v converter from Radio Shack (#273-1401 $17, #273-1426 $22, #273-1412 $23, #273-1410 $35).

picture of AP-Zapper

Anti-Parasite Zapper

"I must tell you this gadget is amazing. I gave myself a session yesterday evening for 65 minutes. I passed at least 4 worms today. I never ever noticed passing any worms before, despite the fact that I have taken anti-parasitic herbs in heavy doses for a long time now. The worms looked just like adult night crawlers except for the fact that they looked lighter in color. I did not get a head-ache as a side effect or anything like that. Just now, I finished a 90 minute session. Again I felt my gut relaxing and at the same time heard popping noises coming from my gut. My abdominal area has felt abnormally hard and sore for many years, sort of like a spasm type of thing. Just yesterday was the first time I used the device at 1552Hz. Thanks."

"The treatment of my 3 year old with the Anti-Parasite Zapper was successful and to date have not had any reaccurance [of ascaris lumbricoides]."

Questions and Answers

What is special about this unit? The ability of the unit to have a generic "shotgun effect" against all parasites in any part of the body. This is in contrast to all natural and synthetic anti-parasitic medicines which have their greatest effect inside the intestines.

What is the maximum electrical current available from the pad electrodes? It is around 12 milliamps which is enough to feel but is not dangerous. This is higher than the 10mA current that a certain anti-parasite device in a pill did output which was effective against all parasites inside the intestines.

Is there any risk of electric shock from the automotive ignition coil? The output voltage to your body is limited by the xenon tube and internal diodes which limit the peak voltage so that no "shock" is felt except at the higher dial positions. Just be sure to have the dial fully counter-clockwise when switching it to "Run" so that you can turn it up slowly till you feel a slightly uncomfortable tingle without any real shock.

Is the unit ready to use as it comes? Only after you buy and connect the ignition coil is it ready to use. Then just connect the three wires to the coil and wet the electrodes with tap water and put them in contact with your body and you're ready for liberation from parasites. This is the only ignition coil that will work with this device: NAPA ignition coil #MPE IC12SB $22 from (in USA). I can supply it at an additional cost if you are outside the USA.

Is there any time limit to using it? No, but it is best to slowly increase your daily usage time until you start getting die-off symptoms (headache, achy joints, tiredness, etc). Unfortunately some of these symptoms are from killing off candida (which most people with parasites have) and the good bacteria in the intestines so that you will need to take an expensive acidophilus supplement after you finish all your parasite zapping.

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